Saturday April 7th-CASI Regional and ICS State of Texas
Sunday April 8th-ICS Texas Regional and CASI Cookoff

8:00  Open Cooks Registration

9:00  ICS Verde Prep

9:15  Head Cooks Meeting – ICS

9:30  Head Cooks Meeting – CASI/Tolbert
          CASI Showmanship Participants’ Meeting

10:00 ICS Verde Chili Fires
           ICS Red Prep

11:00 ICS Red Chili Fires
           CASI Showmanship Competition Begins

11:30 ICS Salsa Judges Meeting

            ICS Salsa Turn In/Judging

12:30 ICS Verde Judges Meeting
           CASI Showmanship Competition Ends

12:45 CASI Judges Meeting

1:00  CASI Turn In/Preliminaries
           ICS Verde Turn In/Judging          

1:30   ICS Red Chili Judges Meeting

2:00  ICS Red Chili Turn In/Preliminaries
          CASI Finals
          LUNCH ENDS

3:00  ICS Red Chili Finals

3:30  Awards Presentation

“Big Checks” given to Charities